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Airbrush paints, airbrush basics, dual action airbrushes and single action airbrushes plus compressor basics will be cover on this web site. The information on this site will apply to whatever surface you wish to render your art on be it models, crafts, illustrations, fine art, motorcycles, auto art, helmets. Using any airbrush by the leading airbrush manufactures Badger, Aztec, Paasche, Iwata. Please book mark this web site as I will be adding new information as often as possible.

This is just one of the many free web sites providing information regarding airbrushing that is owned and maintained by Airhead Airbrush.Com, Inc. Sponsored by Airbrush Artist Magazine our Internet based airbrush magazine and Airbrush Technique Magazine our printed format airbrush/custom painting magazine. Please check out these web site's also How To Airbrush.Com and How To Custom Paint. Com

I hope you find this web site helpful and I will be adding to it as often as time allows. You can check out my attempts at airbrushing on this web site Airbrush Artist just so you understand that airbrushing is how I make my living. The info I provide comes from years of experience in the art forum we call airbrushing.

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